Monitor and identify SCCM Maintenance Windows with Report

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During a recent SCCM Assessment, I encountered a customer having hundreds of Maintenance Windows. I had to identify which collection and which devices were assigned those SCCM Maintenance Windows.

SCCM has only 1 built-in report for Maintenance Windows monitoring (Maintenance windows available to a specified client).

This report lists all maintenance windows that are applicable to a specified client. This is fine but what if I need to have the maintenance window on multiple clients or collections? It would also be nice to have a list of all collection on which there’s maintenance window applied.

Free SCCM Maintenance Windows Report

SQL to the rescue ! We’ve built 2 free SCCM Maintenance Window reports:

The first report lists all SCCM Maintenance Windows per device.

SCCM Maintenance Windows Report

You can use the report parameter to filter a specific machine name or collection.

SCCM Maintenance Windows Report

The second one list all SCCM Maintenance Windows per collection.

SCCM Maintenance Windows Report

You can use the report parameter to filter a specific collection or a specific maintenance window name.

SCCM Maintenance Windows Report

Both reports are linked together so that you can navigate between them by clicking on the collection name or maintenance windows name.

You can download these free reports by visiting our product page. The Configuration Manager – Maintenance Windows contain both reports and are available in the Report / Configuration Manager section.

We hope this report will help you to easily identify your maintenance window!

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2 Comments on “Monitor and identify SCCM Maintenance Windows with Report”

  1. Thanks, I have been looking for a report that produces this information. Am I able to make the following modifications to the report and if so, how do a go about making them.
    1) Convert Search and Collection ID to drop down selection lists
    2) Add a column for Next Maintenance Window. I think this would be useful to both SCCM admins and Server Owners.

    Keep up the good work

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