SCCM PowerShell Script to Delete Unused Collection

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 Are you using an SCCM Script to Delete your collection? From all SCCM management activities, collections are arguably the most important object to know about. Collection evaluation, if not configured correctly can have a huge impact on your SCCM hierarchy. This Powershell script will detect and delete SCCM Devices Collections that have no members and no deployment assigned to them.

This can be useful to delete unused/unneeded collections. We often see lots of these “orphan” collection after years of management. The less collection, the less evaluation task for your server.

  • The script will detect collections that have no members and no deployment assigned to it
  • The script will prompt the user for a confirmation before each deletion
  • The script will not delete collections that have a custom security scope

In a further version, we are planning to add an easy way to exclude some collections and supporting users’ collections.

Download the Script

The script can be downloaded by visiting my GitHub page.

SCCM Script Delete Collection Preview

SCCM Script Delete Collection

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