1. EDD Platform (Old)

Reception of product

You purchase one of our product and didn’t receive it by email

  • Make sure to verify your Junk Email or Spam folder in your email software
  • You can retrieve your product by login to your account on our website. The products are available to download in your account
  • In the top menu select Account / Login

To access your files once the links are expired, connect to your account on our website. 

On the top right on our website, click on the account and navigate to your purchase history. You will be able to download your files. 

  • Once you’re logged in, select Purchase History in the Account Menu. Select your order and the link to your product is at the bottom
  • If you haven’t created an account, please create one using the Account / New Account Creation. Use the email address used at purchase time.

2. Installation

Upload reports and Change Datasource

Follow this post for the solution or download our report manager tool.

If you have bough more than one report, we encourage to use the tool which will automate all tasks.

Query execution failed for dataset ‘ViewName’. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)

You purchase our reports and you have a problem executing some reports due to this kind of error message :

  • Query execution failed for dataset ‘Name of the dataset in problem’. (rsErrorExecutingCommand)
  • The SELECT permission was denied on the object ‘SysResList‘, database ‘CM_ABC’, schema ‘dbo’.

This is a permission error on one or multiple SQL views.

Make sure the user that executes the report can access (SELECT permission) the specific object (view) in the SQL database.

To give access to a SQL view:

  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Select your SCCM Database and expand Views
  3. Find ‘ViewName‘ and right-click on the view
  4. Click Properties
  5. Select Permissions and find your SSRS user
  6. Granted SELECT access to the user

Demo of our product

Since the nature of the product (SSRS Reports), we can’t offer a demo of our products. You can see screenshots of each report on their respective product page.

The item ‘/ConfigMgr_SCD/Software Updates/Dashboard – Device’ cannot be found. (rsItemNotFound)

All our reports are linked to the Dashboard-Device report. If you have bought a single report (outside a bundle), you don’t have this report. If you need drill-down experience, you can buy the Dashboard-Device report separately and upload it to the same folder in your SSRS server.