How to fix SCCM Enhanced HTTP prerequisite check during SCCM Site Upgrade

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When you’re doing an SCCM installation you have the choice to select HTTP or HTTPS client communication. Most SCCM Installations are installed with HTTP communication between the clients and the site server. We usually always install first using HTTP and then switch to HTTPS if needed by the organization. In this post, we’ll show you how to fix the Check if HTTPS or Enhanced HTTP is enabled for site during an SCCM Site Upgrade. You can also use this post to switch your site to Enhanced HTTP to stay supported after October 31st, 2022. Microsoft recommends using HTTPS communication for … Read More

Step-by-Step SCCM 2103 Upgrade Guide

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Microsoft has released a first SCCM version for 2021. SCCM 2103 has been released on April 5th, 2021. Don’t forget SCCM has a new branding since 1910 – now called Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MEMCM). This post is a complete step-by-step SCCM 2103 upgrade guide, meaning that if you want to upgrade your existing SCCM/MEMCM installation to the latest SCCM/MEMCM updates, this post is for you. If you’re looking for a comprehensive SCCM installation guide to build a new server, refer to our blog series which covers it all. You won’t be able to install SCCM 2103 if you are running … Read More

Configure SCCM Email Notifications on Alerts and Reports

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In SCCM you can configure email notifications. These notifications can be configured on alerts or reports. This allows better monitoring as you can be notified by email as soon as an event is triggered. In this post, we will show you how to configure SCCM email notifications on both reports and alerts. For this post, we are using an SCCM 2010 site but you can use any Current Branch version. Requirements to configure SCCM Email Notification Before we start to configure the SCCM email notifications, make sure to have the following information : FQDN or IP Address of the SMTP … Read More

Our Top SCCM New Features (Since the first CB version)

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Since the first version of the Current Branch servicing, the release pace of new SCCM Features is astonishing. Every four-month, the product group release a new SCCM Version which contains dozens of new features, improvement and fixes. As an SCCM Administrator, you may find this overwhelming. You can’t just keep the pace or you may miss some great feature just because you lack time to test it all. We decided to make a compilation of our SCCM top new features as a reminder or a wrap up since the 5 last years. (Already !) This blog post is also our … Read More

SCCM Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) Troubleshooting tips

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The SCCM Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) has been a very popular feature in the past months. With the explosion of work from home, managing devices on the internet has become a must for many organizations. Installing and troubleshooting an SCCM Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) can be challenging. That’s why we released a detailed installation guide a couple of months ago. This post will focus on the CMG troubleshooting steps, on the Server Side and most importantly, on the client-side. We’ll try to guide you through various troubleshooting steps to make sure that your SCCM clients are communicating successfully to your … Read More

How to use Desktop Analytics for Windows 10 Feature Update

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Desktop Analytics is still a recent product and a small beast that require a bit of time and trial and error to get going. The goal of Desktop analytics is to give data to understand your environment prior to mass roll out a new Windows 10 Feature Update. Desktop Analytics isn’t a product to deploy a Windows 10 Feature Update. ConfigMgr remains the master of the actual deployment. In this blog post, we’ll detail real-world scenarios on how to use Desktop Analytics information to help during a Windows 10 Feature update deployment. Desktop Analytics Windows 10 Update Requirements See our … Read More

Rollback Windows 10 Feature Update using SCCM or Microsoft Intune

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During a Windows 10 Feature Update deployment, you may want to uninstall or rollback to the previous Windows 10 version. A Windows 10 Rollback is wanted for example because the user runs into a problem after the Windows 10 Feature Update deployment. The Windows 10 Rollback action can be initiated by SCCM or Microsoft Intune. However, there’s a couple of catch that I found when I was asked to do it. In this blog post, I’ll describe everything you need to know if you need to do a Windows 10 Rollback using SCCM or Intune. By default, Windows 10 gives … Read More

Setup SCCM Cloud Management Gateway (SCCM CMG 1806+)

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The ConfigMgr team is working really hard to make SCCM admins job easier for some of the key components of Modern Management. Starting with SCCM 1806 release, they ease a bit the setup of the SCCM Cloud Management Gateway (CMG). If you are new to the concept of SCCM Cloud Management Gateway, the main advantage is that it doesn’t expose your SCCM servers to the internet. The downside is that it requires an Azure subscription which brings recurring monthly costs. If you’re still unsure which method to use, you can read the Microsoft documentation and see our blog post about internet … Read More

Hybrid AD Joined Device has Trust Relationship Error with Active Directory after Autopilot Completes

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This blog post explains my finding when an Autopilot Trust Relationship Error for Hybrid AD Joined Device. Today I was testing Hybrid Azure AD Join Autopilot provisioning and every machine I tested with had the same issue; they would briefly flash the Enrollment Status Page (ESP) then show the Windows logon screen as if they had completed successfully and even appeared to be AD joined based on the logon page. When attempting to log in, however, the following message was displayed: The security database on the server does not have a computer account for this trust relationship. Generally, this or … Read More

Deploy Microsoft Edge and Manage Edge Updates using SCCM or Intune

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Microsoft announced that the general availability of the new Microsoft Edge Chromium on January 15, 2020. SCCM and Intune are already ready for this launch as both products include a feature to deploy and manage updates for Microsoft Edge. This blog post will describe how to deploy the Microsoft Edge browser to your computer using both SCCM and Intune and manage Edge Updates. You can download and install Edge Chromium from the Microsoft website. It’s available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. If you need to do SCCM Edge Deployment Update in Enterprise, continue to read our post. SCCM Edge … Read More