Automatically Uninstall Unused Applications with SCCM

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Do organization pay too much for your software licensing? Paying more licences than you use doesn’t make your company really effective, especially when we talk about IT Cost Transparency. Do you know how much money your company spend for software licensing versus their utilization? Using inventory, SCCM detect if an application is installed, it also monitors usage using Software Metering and uninstall application using deployment mechanisms. Combining all, you can deliver a great solution to minimize licences cost to your organisation. Software metering is a great feature that is not always well known by the business. Company must take the advantage … Read More

Merging Last Usage of Software Metering with Custom Labels of Asset Intelligence

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sccm 2012 software metering reports

Software Metering analyze the usage of any executable files. Asset Intelligence inventory and manage software by using a catalog. So why would we want to merge both? Have a comprehensive view of your software usage in order to save licensing cost. Companies spend lots of money on unused software licences each year. Monitor software usage can save lots of money to your organization. The problem with Software Metering is that it is based on the executable. It does not always mean that the software is installed on a machine. There’s a way to merge software usage with a real installation and … Read More

Create Custom Reports with Labels of Asset Intelligence

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Usually we use information from Add Remove Programs when it’s time to make software reports. For technical reasons, it’s not always easy to have adequate results. The use of custom labels in Asset Intelligence helps standardize and gather software information. In this post, we will explain how to use the data from custom labels in asset intelligence to create a custom reports. Before starting the reports, make sure the custom labels are set in your environment from how to maximize the use of custom views in Asset Intelligence. Configuration Manager 2012 came with a couple of Asset Intelligence reports but … Read More

How to maximize the use of Asset Intelligence with Labels

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Asset Intelligence is a feature in Configuration Manager that allows to identify and manage the inventoried software of your environment. It’s populated by the hardware inventory scan on each client. The catalog contains data about inventoried software and 5 labels can be defined to standardize product name or any useful information in your catalog. Software’s developers are not always following a standard name for their own products. Consequently, the data quality for software reports will be better. In this post, we will show how you can maximize the use of custom labels in Asset Intelligence. We will use Office Visio as an example … Read More

Why should you use Asset Intelligence in SCCM 2012

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Did you ever needed to analyze the installed software in your business? For those who experimented it, you know that it’s not an easy task. In SCCM, one of the way to achieve this goal is by using Add Remove Programs but you’ll have to deal with a minimum of customization. The problem is that software companies don’t work in the same direction and not even standardize their own product, Adobe and Microsoft included. You can experiment issues where publisher or product names are different on the same product. You can even have the same executable file version for two different … Read More