Complete SCCM Installation Guide and Configuration

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This blog post is a complete revised Step-by-step SCCM Installation Guide. It covers every aspect of the SCCM Installation. From the server prerequisites to the SQL installation, the Sccm installation itself and all configuration and site server installation. Following this guide, you should have a functional SCCM server in a couple of hours. We already did a guide in the past when SCCM 1511 was released but it’s was time for a 2020 refresh. Since our first guide, more than 12 SCCM version has been released… and the product even changed its name to Microsoft Endpoint Manager. (MEM or MEMCM). … Read More

How to detect Office bitness with MEMCM global condition

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I recently came across an issue where a MEMCM) Global condition was detecting the Office bitness (architecture), but only to one specific version(example below). This lead to a requirement issue where the computer was running another version of Office that wasn’t covered by the global condition. With that said, we still needed a requirement only for the architecture of Office, while the version was not that important for now. I’ve uploaded a new script to Technet Gallery that returns the Office Bitness no matter what version is installed (from Office XP to the latest). In this post, I’ll describe how … Read More

How to configure Delivery Optimization with Intune

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Microsoft has been hard at work to optimize content delivery since the release of Windows 10 and Office 365. While not perfect at the beginning, the offer is now really great and offer many supported methods to ease the huge content that needs to be distributed month after month. Delivery Optimization is a key component included in Windows 10 since the beginning and recently added to Office 365. Combining Delivery Optimization Intune with Windows update for business will greatly help content download from the Internet. In this post, we will provide details to configure Delivery Optimization for Windows 10 and … Read More

Complete SCCM Current Branch Installation Guide

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SCCM Current Branch Installation – Prerequisite Check Before launching the SCCM installation, we recommend launching the Prereqchk tool in order to verify if all components are configured correctly. The SCCM installation wizard will also run this check but if you’re missing a requirement, you’ll have to go through the whole installation wizard again after fixing it. We prefer to use the standalone tool before running the setup. To start the prerequisite check tool : Open an Administrator command prompt Browse to .\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 Run the following command: Prereqchk.exe /AdminUI If you follow the prerequisite guide correctly you’ll have this result : Refer to this Technet article to … Read More

SCCM 1910 New Features – Operating System Deployment

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SCCM 1910 contains many new operating system deployments new features that make administrator life easier. Instead of doing multiple posts about each feature, we decided to gather them all together and make a single post. Each one of the SCCM 1910 new features is fairly simple but some will ease some tasks that SCCM admin were used doing in their day to day administration. These Operating System Deployment new features are enough to make you want to move to SCCM 1910 faster. Search the task sequence editor You can now search in the SCCM task sequence editor. This allows finding … Read More

How to upgrade SCCM SQL version

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SQL Server is obviously a key component to take care of, for a healthy SCCM infrastructure. While SCCM supports a wide variety of SQL Server versions, keeping it up to date may be a good idea to avoid getting out of support. In this post, we will detail how to upgrade SCCM SQL 2014 to SQL 2017. SQL 2019 is available for a couple of weeks, but it’s still not listed as supported in the SCCM documentation. If you’re looking to install SQL 2017 from scratch, jump to our post on this topic. Upgrade SCCM SQL version Requirements Current SQL … Read More

Deploy Edge Chromium using SCCM 1910+ or Intune

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Microsoft announced that the general availability of the new Microsoft Edge Chromium on January 15, 2020. SCCM and Intune are already ready for this launch as both products include a feature to deploy and manage the new browser. This blog post will describe how to deploy the new browser to your computer using both SCCM and Intune. You can download and install Edge Chromium from the Microsoft website. It’s available for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. If you need to manage this in Enterprise, continue to read our post. SCCM Intune Edge Chromium Requirements The first step to deploy Edge … Read More

Create SCCM Collections Based on Active Directory OU

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Many organizations still use Active Directory groups or Organisational Unit to do operational tasks in SCCM. Sometimes, they use OU to classify their devices or users. Many will tell that it’s not the most efficient way to do it but it’s effective for some. This blog post will describe how to do a script to create SCCM Collections based on AD OU. We’ve seen many Active Directory having thousand of different Organisational Units and been asked to create SCCM collection based on those Active Directory OU. This has to be a tedious and boring task. PowerShell to the rescue! I … Read More

Step-by-Step SCCM 1910 Upgrade Guide

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Microsoft has released a third SCCM version for 2019. This is the first version of the new Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Branding! You can begin upgrading your SCCM Current Branch environment to the latest SCCM 1910 release. If you want to install the latest updates, this post is a complete step-by-step SCCM 1910 upgrade guide. If you’re looking for a comprehensive SCCM installation guide, see our blog series which covers it all. You won’t be able to install SCCM 1910 if you are running SCCM 2012, 1902 is the latest baseline version. This means that if you’re downloading the source from … Read More

SCCM Windows 7 to Windows 10 1909 Upgrade Guide

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Windows 7 will be out of support in less than 2 months. You’ll have to pay extended support after January 14th, 2020 to stay supported. Microsoft published the Windows 10 1909 feature update (aka Windows 10 November 2019 Update), in VLSC on November 15th, 2019. If you haven’t planned your Windows 7 migration to Windows 10, this post will help prepare your SCCM Server to deploy it. You may also need to deploy Windows 1909 to your Windows 10 computer to stay supported or to benefits from the new features. Before deploying a new Windows 10 feature upgrade, you need to … Read More